PC-Based Industrial Control

Never be held hostage by proprietary hardware and software again. PLC's are not the only option. Can your PLC based system do all of this:

  • Store a nearly unlimited amount of historical information
  • Give you comprehensive graphic displays showing any information you wish to see
  • Back itself up with only the cost of a second desktop computer
  • Let you view electrical diagrams of your system right from control screens
  • Call you in case of trouble and let you remotely control your plant via a modem or the web
  • Text or email you alarm messages
  • Schedule maintenance and keep track of equipment data
  • Get tech support via the Internet
  • Alarms that verbally tell you what's wrong and allow you to assign your own alarm descriptions, delays and actions

Our customers appreciate the simplicity of operation and maintenance, flexibility, familiarity, and reliability of the PC environment. Control systems don't need to be intimidating!

Want to harness the power of the internet to access data, generate reports, or remotely control your plant? No problem. Want to change the way your facility operates? It's easy. Want to connect your control system to the company network? No expensive, proprietary hardware required. Want to implement new computing technology into your system? No waiting necessary you're already on the cutting edge.

Simplify your life and reduce costs too! Computers do it better, quicker, and cheaper. Empire Controls provides next generation control Systems. Stop wasting time and money on complex solutions to a simple problem.

Would you like to know more about PC-based control?

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